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San Francisco Summer Playground Camps 2022

 At George Christopher Playground

Ages 4-14 / Monday-Friday / Full Day Playground Camps

Drop-off 8:45am - 9am / Pick-up 3:45pm - 4pm


Playing children are smiling children! Exploring the world with imaginations soaring, at one the best location in the city, at Glen Park Canyon. The rewards of play are endless, especially when groups enjoy it together. Our Playground Summer Camps in San Francisco encourage cooperation, problem-solving, healthy communication and focus. Creativity runs wild as children discover and connect with each other and their environments. We will play classic, beloved playground games, teach FUNdumentals in gardening and popular group sports, hike, enjoy outdoors and have FUN!!! 

san francisco summer camps playgrounds.jpg

Price: $490/Camper/Week

Full Day Summer Playground Camps,

9am to 4pm

Full Price: $565! 

$75 OFF INCLUDED if you register now! 

Register for multiple weeks and save $75 on each one!


  • Tag

  • Capture the Flag,

  • Treasure Hunt,

  • Jump Rope,

  • Hula Hoop Relay,

  • Playground Musical Chairs,

  • Red Light/Green Light With Music,

  • Hot Lava,

  • Catch the Dragon's Tail,

  • Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball

  • Colors and shapes chalk game,

  • Creative Hour

  • Community Garden - Gardening

  • And Much Much More!

We will spend our first half-day at George Christopher Playground, with snack break, lunch, and visit to Community Garden, after which we will hike to Playground #2 for more fun and games until pick up time back at George Christopher Playground!!! Sign up for one or multiple weeks of Playground Camps and save $75 on each!!!

What to bring: 

Reusable water bottle, hat, sunscreen. Pack a healthy lunch and plenty of snacks ( fruit, veggies, protein, whole grains ). Staying energized is paramount to sustaining players performance.

Camp Dates:


May 30 - June 3


June 6 - June 10

June 13 - 17

June 20 - 24


June 27 - July 1 


July 4 - July 8


July 11 - July 15

July 18 - July 22

July 25 - July 29


Aug 1 - Aug 5


Aug 8 - Aug 12

Aug 15 - Aug 19

Aug 22 - Aug 26

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