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How do I book and pay for classes?

Booking made easy! Once you had a look around and have decided on tennis lessons format for your tennis kids or/and adult tennis lessons for yourself, please make your way to the contact page ( you can also click here ) and get in touch with your desired lesson format, days and time slots best suited to your availability. We will look at our schedule to best accomodate your inquiry and you will be then prompted to Plans & Pricing to choose a plan with your start date and enjoy the gift of tennis - a life time sport! We are looking forward to welcoming you to SF TENNIS KIDS Club.

What is your cancelation policy?



If SF TENNIS KIDS Club cancels a class, we will reschedule a make-up lesson, usually on weekends at our club's address or if managable, we will add 30 minutes to your next two lessons at your scheduled timeslot. You will never lose your payment or time on the tennis court.



If for any reason your child, or yourself cannot make your tennis lesson and if we are rained out, then - due to high volume of SF TENNIS KIDS Club tennis lessons in San Francisco, you'll be given an opportunity to join any of our active tennis groups for a make-up class. Offer valid for the current month and for group lessons only. Private, semi private and triad students can join any of our group tennis lessons in San Francisco for their make-up class.

What are your term dates?

SF TENNIS KIDS Club tennis lessons in San Francisco are 365 days, 7 days a week, activity! 

You can join any time. Subsribe to our mailing list for latest updates and follow our LATEST UPDATES column. High volume sign ups are at the beginning of each season during the year: August for Fall, November for Winter, Jan-Feb for Spring. Our popular Summer Tennis Camps in San Francisco are open for registrations begining of January!  Our busy school season is being booked beginning of August.

Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


Yes! At SF TENNIS KIDS Club, our Quickstart USTA tennis lessons for kids are structured in such a way that your child can join any tennis group at any time without feeling left behind. Happy Tennis!


Can parents watch?


For our Little Champs, ages 4-5, parents and/or guardians are encouraged to be near by. Otherwise it's totally up to you. We do know that most parents that watch their childrens' tennis lessons with SF TENNIS KIDS Club, end up signing up for adult tennis lessons or/and our Parent & Me tennis classes! Welcome!

What is your ratio of children to coaches?


Unlike overcrowded Recs and Parks and YMCA group lessons, we keep our group weekly tennis lessons and tennis clinics as well as our popular afterschool tennis classes in San Francisco, small.  Our experienced tennis coaches can articulate instructions to a group of students effectively and efficiently, keeping the 12:1 ratio with our more experienced and 8:1 with our junior coaches. 

Pictures, Social Media


As the leader in kids tennis lessons in San Francisco and Bay area, we feel that it is our mission to educate our communities and make them familiar with our top quality tennis lessons for kids in San Francisco. With that in mind we will periodically share our groups' progress on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., unless objected in written form. Names will not be posted. Please have a look at our gallery Instagram preview here 


SF TENNIS KIDS Club is located on prestigious San  Francisco State University Campus. All lessons are subjected to location change when required.  

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