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San Francisco Tennis Kids! Tennis lessons, customized for your child’s age and ability!

 We provide a wide range of kids and adult tennis lessons in San Francisco. Private, semi-private, triad and group tennis lessons as well as our renowned Holiday and children Summer Tennis Camps in San Francisco and Bay area. Our experienced tennis coaches help inspire children and adults, of all ages and abilities, develop passion and love for tennis!!! 

At SF Tennis Kids Club, we group our San Francisco tennis lessons for children and our Tennis Summer Camps by age and skill levels. Our tennis coaches, low compression tennis balls, appropriately sized rackets, and court sizes, help children have FUN while learning the game of tennis with their equals.

kids tennis lessons in san francisco


AGES 4-5

1hr / lessons.

The student is a beginner. Learns basic hand-eye skills and basic racquet skills, and becomes familiar with the concept of playing tennis.  Children ages 4 and 5 are introduced to tennis and develop a love for the sport through fun activities that develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This program will introduce young players to the game of tennis in a fun and rewarding way. All fundamental strokes will be taught using small racquets and red balls on special 36 ft. courts. This program will focus on gross motor skills, coordination, basic stroke mechanics, and more importantly HAVING FUN.

Home practice: Catching and throwing underhand/overhand.


AGES 5-8

1hr / 1.5hr lessons


Students can hit the ball consistently over the net with the instructor. Tennis Kids learn basic techniques for fundamental tennis strokes (forehand, backhand, volley, and serve). Children learn to play and rally on 36’ courts with red balls. Kids learn movement, balance, motor skills development, self and partner rallying skills, and elements of match play.  This class is designed to help players ages 5 - 8 develop hand-eye coordination, learn the motor skills of moving hands and feet together, listen to instructions and introduce cooperative drills. This is the perfect age to establish a solid technical foundation. At this level, kids gain more consistency in their strokes with faster drills and learn to direct shots away from their opponents.


Home practice: Practice juggling a ball up 10 times in a row and dribbling a ball down 10 times in a row with a racquet.

tennis lessons for kids children in san francisco
tennis lessons in san francisco


Home practice: Rally a ball 15 times against a wall or backboard. Practice serving against a wall or on a 60’ court. 


AGES 8-12

1hr / 1.5hr lessons.

Play is with orange balls on 60’ courts. Children can maintain an extended rally with the instructor using the basic techniques. Our SF TENNIS KIDS Club students learn intermediate techniques for footwork, net play, and serves. Students learn how to play points, keep score, and basic strategy. Proper court movement and technique, along with the ability to create spin, depth, and shot direction are thought. Our players at this level also develop an understanding of the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, which helps them to learn to attack and defending strategies. At this level, kids learn to move properly, rally more consistently and construct points.



1hr / 1.5/hr lessons.

SF TENNIS KIDS can rally, place the ball with intention, using spins, varying speeds, and angles. Junior tennis kids can play the ball in transition and move to the net. Students can place the volley for winners when necessary. 

Students can execute the serve and hit the ball flat or with spin. Students are beginning to understand strategy and tactics. For a teen, junior, and high school players, focusing on stroke development and match play strategies and tactics through drills and competitive play. Players also are introduced to match play and scorekeeping.


Home practice: Participate in SF TENNIS KIDS Club match play clinics and programs. Begin to play USTA tournaments. Work to qualify for the SF Tennis Kids Yellow Ball Team, which is limited to students who display the talent, drive, ambition, and commitment of serious players.

highschool usta teen tennis in san francisco
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