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Tennis Camps 2024

Full Days / Half Days / Day Pass! 

Winter Break: Register Today!

Spring-Break: Register Soon.

Summer Camps: Register Soon.

At San Francisco State University


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San Francisco State University

Ages 5-17

Grouped by age and skill level


4 Day Tennis Winter Break Camps

Week 1: Tuesday DEC 26 - Friday DEC 29

Week 2: Tuesday JAN 2 - Friday Jan 5


FULL DAY - $560

9am to 4pm


HALF DAY - $320

AM : 9am to 12pm

PM: 1pm to 4pm


Day Pass - One Full-Day - $140



Day Pass - One Half-Day - $80



Drop-Off AM: 8:45am - 9am

Drop-Off PM: 12:45PM - 1PM Half Day

Pick-up AM: 12pm - 12:15pm Half Day

Pick-up PM: 4pm - 4:15pm 

Extended care:

AM Drop-Off: 8:15am

PM Drop-Off: 12:15pm

PM Half Day Pick-up: Until 1pm

PM Full Day Pick-up: Until 5pm

$45 per camp week.

Purchased at the bottom of the page here

Please do not forget to choose the start date at the check out.


5% off - 2nd, 3rd, 4th... sibling discount

5% off - Multi week camp registration discount

10% 0ff Learn about our Referral Reward Program here

Tax deductible Day Camps!

Registrations at the bottom of the page.



As the leader in kids tennis lessons and after school tennis programs in San Francisco and Bay Area, we're bringing you, our signature Tennis Camps for yet another tennis year! Appropriate for all ages and levels. Personal attention is our priority! For best camp experience, campers will be evaluated and grouped based on their age and skill level for a full day tennis camp of focused player development. Our SF TENNIS KIDS Club training begins with our core competence, teaching kids how to move, position and hit like tennis pros. Emphasizing fun, elite athletic skill development and personal growth. 

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Full Day Tennis Camps:

Tuesday DEC 26 - Friday DEC 29

Tuesday JAN 2 - Friday JAN 5

9am to 4pm


$140/Camper/Full Day Drop-in/ 1 Day Pass


Half-Day Tennis Camps:

AM: 9am to 12pm 

PM: 1pm to 4pm


$80/Camper/Half Day Drop-in / 1 Day Pass


All our Tennis Day Camps are


Send us an email request and you will receive a receipt with our Tax ID number for your Tax purposes.

Please consult with a qualified tax professional for concrete specifics.

Happy Tennis!

Refund Policy:

Camp credits will be provided for any cancelations.

*All refunds are subject to non-refundable 3% credit card service fee


Rainout Policy:

Cancelling a camp on a rainy day would present big challenges to the working families whose kids will be in the camp thus we have secured an indoor area on Campus where we will talk tennis, watch a tennis match and still be able to play tennis games on computers/tablets.


Camp Cancellation Policy:

Minimum of 8 campers is required for the camp to take place. In case of a small enrollment full refund or camp credit will be issued for our Spring and most popular Summer camps.

Register worry free!


Space is limited! Priority sign-ups go to our recurring campers and current students. Register Now!


  • Technical Warm-Up,

  • Court Movement,

  • Positioning & Balance,

  • Groundstroke Instructions,

  • Flat, Spin, Slice & Drop Shots,

  • Forehand, Backhand, Serve and Volley grips explained,

  • Flat, Slice, Kick Serve Drills,

  • Volley Instructions,

  • Match Play,

  • Tennis FUN games,

  • Tennis break games,


Forehand & Backhand focus. Introduction to Volleys. 


Volleys focus. Introduction to Tennis Serve.


Serve focus. Forehand, Backhand, Volleys review.


Match Play. Prizes.

Every day 

Tennis play time, implementing what we've learned. Water and snack breaks throughout the day. 12pm-1pm Lunch time with supervised free play.

Perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced players looking to advance their game to another level! Sign up for one or multiple weeks of tennis camp and gift your child the gift of tennis - a lifetime sport!

What to bring: 

Reusable water bottle, hat, sunscreen, rain coat or/and umbrella. Pack a healthy lunch, for the Full Day Camps and plenty of snacks ( fruit, veggies, protein, whole grains ) for Half Day and Full day camps. Staying energized is paramount to sustaining players performance.



Loaner racquets are available for an extra fee for the whole camp duration:

Half day camp: $45

Full day camp: $75

You can reserve your racquet at the bottom of the page here.

Do not forget to choose a start date at the check out.

Tennis Camps



Full Day: 9am-4pm 
AM&PM Half Day: 9pm-12pm; 1pm-4pm

-Day Passs Full: 9am-4pm or Half Day available,

Week 1: Dec 26 - Dec 29 

Week 2: Jan 2 - Jan

Happy Tennis!

 Lake Merced Blvd & State Dr.,

San Francisco, CA 94132

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