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  Kids and Adult Tennis Lessons:

  • Kids Tennis - Afterschool tennis!

  • Group Lessons - Value Package!

  • Private and Semi-Private!

  • Parent and Me!

  • Schools - On Campus Tennis!

  • Yellow Ball Club!

  • Adult Cardio!

  • Offered Year-round!

  • Age Appropriate Instructions!

  • Self Competitive!

You're an ADULT Tennis KID!? Join ADULT CLASSES! 



group tennis lessons for kids in san francisco


Our most popular and cost-effective format! At SF Tennis Kids Club we keep our group lessons small, thus giving you an optimal teacher to student ratio for the best possible learning experience!!! It's a lot more fun to master a new sport or improve your child's game alongside friends. Kids stay active, socialize and learn how to play tennis together. Group tennis lessons are highly recommended for all levels of tennis players due to the interaction of the students. The number one reason children continue to play tennis is that it is FUN! By learning the game of tennis with children their own age and similar skill level, kids are developing social skills and gaining confidence in their ability to compete against other tennis players. Our experienced tennis coaches can articulate instructions to a group of students effectively and efficiently, quickly diagnose errors in each student's swing and offer corrective techniques, conduct drills and tennis games that will reinforce what was taught, all while being enthusiastic, motivating, and continually building each student's self-confidence and self-esteem. 


kids tennis lessons and tennis clinics in san francisco


Max. 2, MAX. 3 players 


Lowered cost while still keeping low, one instructor per two/three student ratio. 

Semi-private and Triad tennis lessons are an ideal option for kids who want to learn quickly but prefer having a friend or two to learn, play and hit with. The teacher-to-student ratio is an added benefit with one tennis instructor per two to a maximum of three players. One of the biggest advantages of taking semi-private tennis lessons is the cost. If you’re looking for a more economical way to learn how to play the great game of tennis or enhance your or your child's skills, this is your answer. By sharing a lesson with another player you share the cost as well.

private tennis lessons in san francisco for kids and adults


Personalized lessons, One-on-One


Let’s suppose your child is struggling with his/her backhand. Although in a group lesson, the instructor would spend a portion of the lesson working on backhands and give your child specific instructions and some pointers on how to improve his/hers, but wouldn’t be able to shift all the focus to your child and forgo the other players’ needs. In a private lesson, the instructor could spend the entire session working on the backhand technique and have the stroke looking better in no time. Private lessons allow for customization so that improvement happens more quickly. Once the child understands the change that has been made or the new stroke that has been introduced, they need repetition to practice that change which can be achieved in semi-private and/or group lessons.

summer camps spring break and winter break kids tennis camps tennis lessons and clicnics



Introducing competition in an inviting, team play, environment! 

These are weekly clinics, usually on Weekends, and are a combination of our technical warm-up, instructions, drills, fitness, and match play. Introducing competition in a non-threatening environment is important to our young players. It is highly recommended to introduce tennis as a “team sport” at this stage. Using a games-based approach, these clinics teach detailed stroke production, court movement, singles and doubles positioning, and scoring while getting students prepared to play live matches. All our students from different groups and lesson formats are able to meet and test their skills in an inviting team play environment. 

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